Concert Autour de Chet

2017 edition
chapiteau 02 04

Autour de Chet chapiteau 02 04

Autour de Chet

Camélia Jordana (voc) Hugh Coltman (voc) Piers Faccini (voc) Erik Truffaz (tp) Camille Bertault ((voc)) Airelle Besson (tp, fh) Cyril Atef (dms) Christophe Minck (bg) Pierre-François Dufour (dms, vlc) Bojan Z (p) Stephane Belmondo ((tp))

Chet Baker, dusky trumpetist, melancholic singer, lost poet. Autour de Chet is the name of Clément Ducol’s project in honour of the near mythical musician and his impertinent talent bordering on the myhtological . A masterfully delicate project, with artists hailing from the world of jazz, pop and folk, all fascinated by the trumpetist and bluesy crooner. They are some of the best French musicians of the moment. Cully will discover the trumpets of Erik Truffaz and Airelle Besson, alongside singers Camélia Jordana and not to mention British singer Hugh Coltman. They will be backed by pianist Bojan Z, bass player Christophe Minck, cellist Pierre-François Dufour and drummer Cyril Atef for their only concert in Switzerland.

This year, the traditional Cully Jazz Festival Fundraising Evening will comprise a cocktail dinner and a ticket to Autour de Chets' creation. More information.

Sunday 02 April

Chapiteau 18:00

Edition 2017

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